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November 02, 2008


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Jen Turner

Hi Rachel,

Having heard all about your wonderful German Jollyphonics resources from the Suffolk MFL advisor, I'd be really grateful to find out where I could possibly find a copy of them to use with my classes.

Many thanks!

Helen Twomey

Hi Rachel,

I was also wondering about the German version of the phonics presentation. If it is available I would be very happy!

Thank you for all your ideas.


Quentin Young

Hey there Rachel, Quentin here (from the train). Just was wondering if the german version of the phonics presentation (Jollyphonics) was on the blog hidden away somewhere as I am having some difficulty finding it anywhere. If it's not there, no prblem, just wanted to compare it to what I am doing then maybe compare notes, Thanks


Hi Rachel
Just to say although I have not heard you speak before I was very impressed by the alternatives to GCSE you are offering and working with successfully in your school.
My colleague also found equally captivating your presenation on 'Phonics' later in the day.
Most of all, thanks for being so generous in sharing your work and ideas - I will visit your blog regularly!

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